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M-ERA.NET: Call 2018. Project Acronym: NanoTENDO. 
 Project Coordinator: Prof. Maria Bryszewska. Organisation: University of Lodz, Poland
This project has received funding from the following National Funding Organizations:
National Science Centre (NCN) Poland; State Education Development Agency (VIAA) Latvia,
 under grant agreement No. UMO-2018/30/Z/NZ1/0091.
The controlled delivery of drugs to the brain remains a challenge in the effective treatment of neurodegenerative diseases due to the role played by the endothelial barrier. The endothelial barrier is an important part of the body. It consists of the layer of the special cells organized in a complex system. This barrier surrounds our vessels and protects the body tissues from unwanted visitors: microbes and toxic substances. However, the fact that this barrier recognizes all substances as intruding species causes a huge medical problem in treatment for many severe brain diseases, among them the Alzheimer disease. 
Project Aims 
The project aims to develop the nanoformulations based on dendrimers, dendrons or gold nanoparticles which will overcome the endothelial barrier resulting in the effective and specific delivery of therapeutic substances.

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